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Besides our main focus VIP Private Jet Catering, we offer various other services to satisfy our clients’ needs, such as pick up and delivery service from restaurants and hotels, special requests for wine, champagne, liquor or gifts, as well as laundry services.

Fresh & Innovative

When preparing dishes, we only use the highest quality ingredients. We serve all your meals at a stable temperature to ensure maximum freshness on a private jet. We pack them in containers suitable for your aircraft or private jet and ship them to the desired destination.


Special occasions

Any dining preference can be ordered and we will make sure to provide the highest quality for you. If your flight is for a special occasion, you can also arrange something special, such as: Birthday cake, flowers or other specialities on the private jet.

For special catering, please request a quote here.


24/7 Availability

Our chefs are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will deliver your meal to the chosen airport. Depending on your budget and desired range of dishes, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Pick up & Delivery service from restaurants and hotels

Favorite dish from a specific restaurant? No problem! Our clients can request special pick up and delivery service from their favorite restaurants, we deliver the meals fresh and on time, just like our creations.

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Special requests

For special occasions, anniversaries, celebrations PrimeSky is offering a wide selection of additional services.

Laundry service

To travel in comfort and in convenience even on long haul flights, we offer an additional laundry service to provide clean and fresh bedding, table wear and accessories. From wet washing to dry cleaning, we offer a full range of professional services, including special aircraft maintenance needs.

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